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STAINMASTER® used  the Vettermann drum tumbler to test the durability of  their carpet. It surpasses the industry standard in durability testing, but they believe your home is worth it. See the difference yourself!

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There is nothing a homeowner fears more than a glass of red wine spilled on their beige or light colored carpets. Although soiling wine may not be an everyday accident, your carpets are getting beat up by dirty shoes, pets, and dropped food. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about spending hours to clean those messes?

Carpet is made from all kinds of materials, but because nylon has a natural resiliency to mildew and abrasions it makes up a large percent of carpet sold. Manufacturers make their nylon carpets using different types of protective and stain resistant coatings. Stainmaster uses Nylon 6,6 for an exceptionally durable carpet. Each company also uses its own special exclusive treatments and ways of application.

Spills happen in your home and they are inevitable. Your flooring usually takes the brunt of the abuse and you never really think twice about it until you look down and realize your carpets don’t look as new as they used to. That is why companies came up with the idea of stain resistant carpet with multiple benefits. Carpets look nicer for longer, and for many, a spill means a stain, or at least for carpets that do not have a protective coating. The stain itself becomes and eye sore and trying to cover it with a mat or furniture becomes a project within itself. This causes many homeowners to prematurely replace their carpets.

Just because your carpet is stain resistant does not mean it is carefree. Spills still need to be cleaned up right away, just like any other flooring. The better you take care of your wall to wall carpet the longer it will last. Not everything lasts forever, especially things that are good such as stain resistant carpet. Over time the stain resistant coating that the manufacturer applied will fade and wear out. The manufacturer provides instructions on how to properly care and maintain your carpet so it can last its full potential.

Stainmaster suggests: 

          • Vacuum weekly to remove dry soil particles that can dull fibers and cause matting.
          • Avoid crushing by placing glides under heavy furniture.
          • Rotate your furniture to give the carpet a rest.
          • Close blinds or shades to avoid  exposing the carpet for long periods of time to sunlight